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White Whales - ERP Implementations from a Senior Epicor Consultant

Epicor White Whale

Hast thou seen the White Whale?  ERP, Obsessions, and how to sink a ship

Epicor Licensing 101



Epicor User Group (EUG)

Epicor User Group

Fuel Customer Experience with Ecommerce - the Epicor Way


Product Tax Categories - Epicor Consulting

Product Tax Image

Product Tax Categories to classify Exempt and Non-Exempt Products and Services

Product Tax Category Maintenance

Use Product Tax Category Maintenance to classify different products and services based on taxes.  In case a group of products uses a specific rate (not the default rate selected for the tax type), this rate can be assigned to the product tax category.

Job Shop Scheduling using "Tensioners" - Epicor Consulting

Epicor Scheduling

Tensioner Functionality in Job Shop Scheduling

EstesGroup Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary - Epicor Consultancy

EstesGroup 10 Year Logo

Hi Friends-

"The Day In The Life of a Manufacturer" from Epicor Insights Conf.

Manufacturing pic

Below is a link that you can click on or you can copy/paste into you broswer Subject line to review "The Day in The of Manufacturer" from the Epicor Insights Conference.

Get Yourself Pumped Up for Epicor ERP version 10!


1099 Setup and Processing in Epicor ERP

Epicor 1099 Misc

There are 17 different types of 1099 Forms but most small businesses use the MISC form. The Epicor ERP system does not allow you to define which 1099 form you want to print, rather it just prints 1099 MISC.

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